Video Reviews

“There’s a mind-boggling amount of obstacle course content in here. For all the possible gameplay in here, it’s a real hidden gem.”
Ben Plays VR

“The difficulty levels are well adjusted and can satisfy every challenge level you’d like. The climbing levels themselves are designed quite well to make the game feel like a classic platformer. Recommended as a fun game for all ages!”

“Don’t Look Down was a joy to play. The difficulty curve is well thought out.
The robots really set this game apart as they really add a level of strategy and skill mid climb”
Cruzer Bass
“This challenging, indie climber is hilarious fun. Don’t miss it!”

“A competent VR climbing game with plenty of challenge and content.”
Paradise Decay
“Imagine if a climbing game took elements from classic platforming games – that’s Don’t Look Down! … I found myself cruising around, grabbing enemies and smashing them as I’m jumping to my next grab point, and overcoming a nice little difficulty curve as you progress through a LOT of different stages and worlds.”
Alex VR
“A different kind of climbing game. I am positively surprised by this title.”
Deutsche VR Gamer
“I am immensely enjoying this game”
Kirky Plays

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