Catapult Games provides game development services to help build your PC, console, and virtual reality games.

Our agile team is highly skilled with Blueprints and C++ programming using Unreal Engine.


Studio Director
Head of partnerships. Focused on enterprise development, community management, and team leadership.


Creative Director
Head of game development. Lead designer. Talented programmer and scrum master.


Lead Developer
Highly skilled in rapid prototyping, lighting, and optimization. Lead programmer on multiple shipped games. Former developer at PUBG.


Software Developer
Unreal and Unity developer. Proficient with Blender, Maya, Visual Studio, Krita, and Photoshop. Fluent in C#, Java, and C++.


Lead Advisor
Founder of 2 high-tech companies, Ilium VR and Superluminal.


Strategic Advisor
Head of North America, PUBG. Founder of Madglory.

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